Fussy eaters!

I wanted to share my experience of my extremely fussy eater Savannah!

I want you to bare in mind when reading this that I am definitely no expert in this subject and this is just through my experience as a Mum of a fussy eater.

As a Mum who wants their little one to have a healthy, balanced diet I have tried every trick in the book.

When I first started weaning Savannah I did spoonfed weaning. I did this because I started weaning Savannah at 5 months old so was worried to give her whole food as she was a bit younger. I decided to wean her earlier because she had quite bad reflux and I was told it would help and it really did help. Eventually after a month or so I started to introduce finger foods then later on introduced protein and slowly cut out the purée.

I want to point out that Savannah was a really good eater at this point, she would have a mixture of fruit and veg with varied protein and would happily eat whatever I gave her. It was only when she turned about 11 months old that she started to become really fussy. By fussy I mean she would be refusing whatever I tried to feed her / gave her to feed herself.

I would get so stressed out and worry that she wasn’t getting enough food but I was told that babies don’t starve themselves and if she was hungry she would eat.

As a Mum of a fussy eater it can only be described as frustrating, worrying and stressful but over the last few months of learning to deal with it I have picked up some tips that I wanted to share.

Firstly if I make her something I try to feed it to her first with the spoon. If she will not have this then I put the food on her tray in front of her, sit down and leave her to it. It goes either two ways.. She either starts throwing it on the floor or eats it. If she hasn’t eaten it within about 30 minutes or if she’s throwing it about I take the food away. No more cooking 10 different meals seeing if I can get her to have any of them, and no more stressing trying to force feed her. If she doesn’t want to eat it I just take it away.

Secondly, although she is fussy, everyone has a ‘favourite food’ or foods that they like the most. I have learnt over the last few months the foods that Savannah is more inclined to eat and I will mainly stick to feeding her these. These are mainly fish fingers, pasta, egg and beans and spaghetti bolognese. Because I know she likes these meals I try and alternate them and then every couple days I will introduce something new and if she doesn’t like it I know to not give it to her or to try again in a few weeks time.

Savannah has now completely gone off most vegetables apart from cucumber but I have found so many ways to get vegetables into her diet without her having to know she’s eating them. For example, I stuff tiny bits of broccoli into pasta tubes (Yes this takes ages but she never knows it’s in there and she loves pasta!). As you can see in the photo her finishing off the spaghetti bolognese that I made her with hidden carrots in!

I am not saying I don’t worry anymore because I would be lying but I am definitely a lot more settled with the way things are going. I think from my experience it’s best to keep mealtime a happy stress free time which comes from you, it might not make your child less fussy but it will definitely make it easier to deal with!

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